Why Exhibit?

Raise awareness of your brand

Increase your reach to your customers and raise market awareness. Add yourselves to the radar of potential future customers.

New Product launch

This exciting time for your company can be relayed to the potential customer through product demonstrations, and is also your chance to give your sales pitch and generate media interest.

Build your database

The leads generated allow you to build your potential client database for future communications including follow ups, feedback and marketing research.


If your first exhibition did not go quite as planned, you can always learn from this experience and make preparations to make future exhibitions more successful.

Promote your brand, company, and projects

No other form of marketing offers the same experience as exhibiting. Your exhibition stand is effectively your shop floor, and you have the visitor’s full attention. It’s your chance to make a big impression on hundreds, if not thousands of potential clients, and demonstrate or sell your products in a live environment. It’s a chance for them to touch fee, see and play with them!

Build partnerships and business opportunities

face to face than it is over the phone or by email. Every one of us grew up with our main form of communication being face to face; this is what helped us to thrive and become the people we are today. Use these skills to communicate with your visitors with a view to selling or demonstrating your products and finding new distributors or suppliers.

Generate sales leads

At an exhibition you can obtain leads which are of much higher quality than anywhere else. You are amongst people who are attending that specific show because they are interested or involved in the industry you work in. Key decision makers will be visiting your stand and will be in a buying mode

See what your competitors are doing

Use this opportunity to take a walk around the exhibition and find out what your competitors are offering. How does their stand look? How many people are manning their stand? Are they using any techniques or special offers to get visitors to approach their stand? In other words what are they doing better!

Why co-located with Indo Water 2023 Expo & Forum?

Key Facts Indo Water 2022

INDO WATER Expo & Forum can certainly be proud of the tremendous success which exhibitors achieved in 2019, make sure that you are a part of this success by contacting us today!

Participating Companies from 13 Countries
Trade Visitor from 38 Countries
Square Metres

Exhibit Profile

Aboveground Pools
Backyard Living
Chemical Feeders
Chlorine Generators
Construction and Insulation Materials
Disinfection Systems
Filtration Systems
Heating and Humidity Retrieval Devices
Leaf Skimmers
Olympic Pool Equipments
Ponds, Pool Accessories
Pool Brush
Pool Chemicals & Testing Equipments
Pool Coating Materials
Pool Furnitures
Pool Safety Signs
Pool Sanitation
Pool Slides & Diving Boards
Pool Toys and Games
Repair Supplies
Safety Covers
Sealing Systems
Solar Covers and Reels
SS Ladders
Steam Rooms
Swimming Pools
Test Kits
Underwater Lighting Equipments
Vacuum Hose & Heads
Water Equipments
Water Rescue
Water Wears
Winter Covers

Cost of Participation

The above costs exclude VAT

Getting to Indo Pooltech Expo & Forum